Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Savings Updates

Most of our savings comes out of my paycheck.  I get paid monthly.  My husbands paycheck is used to pay most of our living expenses and to use as spending money.  However there is a small amount left over to move to savings.

So for his last paycheck, I added:
  • $50 Emergency Fund
  • $35 Down Payment Fund
  • $100 Vacation Fund
  • $100 to youngest daughter's savings
It probably seems skewed to see so much more going to vacation than into the other funds.  But depending on the paycheck those amounts change drastically.  I try to set $100 aside per pay for Vacation.  But the majority of our Emergency Fund Savings, Down Payment Fund Savings and even Extra Mortgage Payments come out of my paycheck at the beginning of the month.

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