Sunday, March 19, 2017

The 2017 Travel Plan

This is one of the easiest of my goals to meet.  I love to travel and we take more than the minimum one family vacation per year goal that I have set for myself.  In fact, we are leaving in a little over a week to fly to Orlando.

My challenge for travel will be to reign in the budget so that I can meet the other goals on my list.

For 2017, our travel plans include:

  • Spring Break in Orlando 
  • A long weekend in Niagara Falls
  • A couple's trip to Las Vegas
Spring break in Orlando has already been planned and the funds set aside.  It will not be a cheap vacation.  But its next week so a little late to change that now.  The best I can do is try to save on some of the expenditures that I am able to and do better at planning our other 2017 vacations. All be documenting my plan to save on our Orlando Spring Break Vacation in a future post.  

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