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Universal Orlando - 13 Tips for a better visit

We had a great time at Universal Studios over Spring Break.  They had a special where we received tickets for 2 days free when we purchased tickets for 2 days.  So we had tickets for 4 days total.

Here's some tips for making the most of Universal Studios.

1. The parks aren't very big and you could definitely see everything in 2 full days.  Although I would never have paid for 4 days, it was great to have the extra 2 days free.  I think those extra days went a long way towards us being able to enjoy our time at the parks, seeing everything we wanted to see, while still feeling like we were enjoying a relaxing vacation.

2. Half days are best - If you have the extra time/tickets, going for 4 or 5 hours in the morning or 4 or 5 hours in the evening really helps to miss out on the major mid-day crowds and mid-day heat. I thought Spring break lines would be ridiculous but by avoiding the busiest part of the day (from 12 - 4 pm), we avoided most of the crowds.  

3. Download the App but don't depend on it too much for wait times.  The Universal Studios app was nice for turn by turn directions when finding our way around the parks.  The wait times were nice to have but were almost always 10 minutes off.  We avoided anything with longer than a 30 minute wait. So if we went solely by the app, we would have skipped a lot of rides that really had a much shorter wait time than what we were told.

4. Make a Plan.  By using the wait times listed in the App as guide lines,  we were able to note which lines got ridiculously long.  Such as Kong, which could get up to a 120 minute wait. We made sure to hit that ride and other really popular rides first thing in the morning or at the very end of the day.  This meant we never waited longer than 30 minutes for any ride and usually our waits were 15 minutes or less.

5. Don't buy the express pass.  These are really expensive.  I almost bought them for at least 1 day but I'm glad I waited.  It definitely would have been a waste of money.

6. Best for older kids.  
Our youngest daughter is only 6 and just barely made the minimum 48 inch requirement for many of the rides.  I can't count how many times she had to be measured and almost wasn't allowed on a ride until we had them measure her again while reminding her to stand as tall as possible.  There were 1 or 2 rides at each park, mainly the big roller coasters that she wasn't tall enough to ride.

7. Parking.  It's $20 a day to park.  They try to upsell you to "Premium" parking for $30.  It isn't worth it.  We did it one day and mainly that extra $10 just allowed us to skip 1 or 2 escalators, saving a whopping 2 or 3 minutes off our walk to the parks. 

8. Walk to the Parks.  It takes about 10 - 15 minutes of walking to get from the parking garage to the front gate of either park.  Plan on walking, a lot. 

9. Park to Park Pass - I really debated on whether it was worth the additional $200 for our family to have this benefit.  It was definitely worth it.  Especially since we were there for 4 days.  The Hogwarts Express (only for people with park to park passes) was a really cool ride.  But it was also nice to jump from park to park when deciding on what restaurants to eat at and on the last day when we were re-riding all of our favorite rides one last time.

10. Restaurants- We ate at one of the full-service restaurants each day for lunch.  It was nice to get out of the heat at the hottest part of the day and take a break from the lines at the busiest part of the day. It gave us a nice air conditioned rest on comfy seats and left us feeling recharged to ride one or two more rides before leaving for the day.  And the restrooms tended to be a lot cleaner in the full-service restaurants than at the restrooms throughout the park. Plus, the cost of food at the full service restaurants wasn't much more expensive than the fast-food options.  About $7 - $10 for kids meals and averaging $12 - $15 for adult meals. Some of the restaurants were really beautiful inside, like Mythos.  We ate there twice. My husband liked his meal so much he had the same Mythos Burger 2 days in a row.
Lunch at Mythos, Universal Islands of Adventure
11. Check Open and Closing times each day - They change daily so don't forget to check. Most days open at 9 am, but closing times can vary from park to park and day to day.

12. Don't take a backpack and wait to buy souvenirs.  This was hard for me.  I am one of those people that likes to pack snacks and drinks to save money.  But there are multiple rides that do not allow you take anything with you onto the ride or in line.  They provide free lockers but the line for the lockers is worse than the line for the rides.  And the locker rooms are tiny and over crowded.  I'm glad I read about this ahead of time.  We only had to use the locker room once when the girls had bought souvenirs before we went on a ride that didn't allow anything on the ride.  It was a pain.  Took for ever to get a locker and then the computer at the lockers we used wasn't working right and no one could get there lockers open wasting another 10 minutes to get that sorted out.

13. Don't waste your money on the interactive wands in the Harry Potter Area.  My girls both wanted these.  The wands were $49.95 each!  I don't know how much the non-interactive wands were.  But once you buy souvenirs you are limited on the rides you can ride unless you want to deal with the lockers (mentioned above).  And although there are really some cool interactive activities throughout the Harry Potter worlds at both parks, when it is crowded there is a wait for each one and by the time it's your turn you've already seen the "magic" done by 5 other people first.  The girls only did 2 or 3 of these, like making lights turn on or making a water fountain spray water by flicking their wand at it.  It was just too crowded and then we left the wands at home other days so that we didn't have to deal with carrying them.  Total waste of $49.95 + tax which they paid for with their allowance and birthday savings.

Our Favorite Rides - 
  • Our oldest daughter loved the roller coasters - Hulk and Rip Riding Rocket
  • Our youngest daughter loved Mummy and Hogwarts Castle Forbidden Journey.
  • My husband liked the Simpsons ride and Transformers plus the roller coasters
My favorite will always be ET.  I loved it as a kid.  It's not as exciting as a lot of the other rides but it brings back memories.  The new Harry Potter worlds are just amazing to walk into. The buildings and scenery are beautiful, it was so exciting to see.
Daigon Alley, Universal Studios

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Have you been to Universal Studios recently?  What were your favorite rides?

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